Friday, June 08, 2007

democracy in action part 2!

wow! everyone is catching on to this vote for your license plate thing! this time it's the great state of south carolina, not to be confused with the backwoods north carolina. at first i thought these options were created by the rude window tellers at the dmv but then i realized that the smart people named the files with people's names. i assume it's the designers. so kudos to matt kamnn, tom crosby, and karen nelson. brilliant job!

my personal choice is number 3 because it is by far the fugliest and it seems to have incorporated a sheet and a tampon string into one stunning visual. karen outdid herself with that gem.

vote now!

spotted at fark


Chris Malven said...

So WTF is that nasty typeface that was unanimously chosen for the plates?

#3 is pretty swell, but I have to vote for numero dos for managing to incorporate every color and type of habitat into one smashing composition.

Crosby for President!

gray said...

i smell a conspiracy because kamnn and crosby are just a little too similar. obviously the latter has full-control over the gradient tool.

god bless america from sea to shining sea.