Friday, June 08, 2007


core 77 posted a link to a blog that has images of designer's desktops and their desktops. how witty. i wouldn't mind spending a day at sagmeister's desk watching the world go by.

famous desktops


powkang said...

that's a pretty sweet-assed view.

my view sorta rules, too. from my window in w'burg, i can see midtown and the queensboro bridge. while my tiny little studio is pretty cramped, i have a corner unit with four windows. the view is what sealed it for me. maybe i should take a picture of my desktop/desktop.

gray said...

post away. how can you do that? i don't think you can post in these stupid comment things. i could post a picture of my bland pc at work and my view of a cube wall and fluorescent lighting. did i mention that i work three levels underground while pencil pushers have incredible views of the city? ah well, it's temp so i'm not crying yet.

powkang said...

its bunk that you can't post pictures in comments. eff you, blogger.

i was talking about my desktop/desktop at home. my desktop/desktop at my temp job sux. you're three levels underground? that blows. my office doesn't have a window, though, so i might as well be underground as well.

Oi, Caffay? said...

I love On My Desk, but this is even awesomer.

My view sucks but I have to say my desk is pretty fantastic (shameless plug!).

gray said...

that's a hella-lotta desk you got there!

Oi, Caffay? said...

5.5 feet of solid wood for me to procrastinate at =O