Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the toast of the ICFF

inseq design came up with the most practical of inventions: a toaster which toasts pixelated images right onto your wonderbread, adding a dash of delight to your breakfast or your b.l.t. you can set it to burn images at random, select one of their images, or even design your own! i don't know if i can enjoy breakfast until i have one of these in the commune.

picture toast is not a new concept. i know of someone who had a hello kitty toaster:

this belonged, however, to a single middle-aged crazy cat lady, so it wasn't so cool in my book. anyways, pixelated creatures are way cooler than hello kitty.

[via:apartment therapy & moco loco]


Oi, Caffay? said...

I know someone who OWNS a hello kitty toaster, and she is totally not a middle-aged cat lady.

But she's still bizarre.

Make:blog has quite a few articles on the wondrous world of toast modification, including computer-guided hot-air toasting and a portrait of Elvis:

Oi, Caffay? said...

Ah, that link works so well.

Let's try again

gray said...

pffffttt... people still eat bread?

Oi, Caffay? said...

What's wrong with you? Mama needs her carbs!

gray said...

oh you crazy carb-fanatic!

i'm not a zone person and i love bread but i know that i can't handle it. it makes me frowny and this toaster makes me jealous :(

powkang said...

admittedly, no. i don't really eat toast very often, except for the eggy soldiers i have with my occassional soft boiled eggs. maybe i will eat more toast, though, if it is CUTE toast.

oooh, toast art looks like fun. too bad you can't transport it, though. the pigeons that live on my roof would peck it to pieces, and probably me, too, in the process.

also, maybe i spent too much time around ravers, but hello kitty makes me unnecessarily angry. she comes across as really smug, for some reason, and that irritates me to no end. however, i can appreciate an entertaining product when i see one.