Monday, June 04, 2007

extra squishy

this just arrived in my hot little inbox... a present from marius and i loves it. especially the cookie.

extra extra

if you aren't familiar with mario's work you should get with the times. i think the extra people ripped him off.

el valdes


powkang said...

oh! i love it, too! i will never chew gum again if it is going to keep creepycute puffy animated food with faces from following me around! i especially like the politically incorrect tamago, but oh the cookie!

gray said...

pc? no such thing. this obviously is not a us ad which is kind of sad because it's crazy fun.

Oi, Caffay? said...

Cuteness overload. My brain has exploded.

I feel like I need to sculpt a little donut to carry around with me.