Monday, June 04, 2007

keeping up with the (james earl) jones'

okay, so jej is the voice of cnn and cnn is following msnbc by launching a new redesigned look, but sometimes my corny puns can only go so far.

cnn launched a new beta version of their site today:

this is cnn, beta

of course since msnbc did a redesign in april it is only fitting that cnn followed suit soon after. and of course i'm not crazy about it.

msnbc refresh


Chris Malven said...

Wait, back the crazy train up. In this instance you are in support of the MSNBC site and "not crazy" about the new CNN site?

I'm going to go out on a limb here... but the design of the CNN beta site mops the filthy cafeteria floor up and down with the MSNBC site. (although calling websites beta is totally lame and smacks of poor planning). What is this new thing I'm experiencing? Is it actual design restraint on a major news website? Surely the apocolypse is upon us.

Please don't tell me you'd take the MSNBC site over this. I just can't bear that kind of heartbreak.

gray said...

all of the major news sites bother me because things are really crowded at the top and then trickle down to the bottom. i think they could make better use of that top right 2/3 by doing some sort of double column instead of doing a large ac360 ad. and i can never get cnn video to work for me so it really annoys me when they list video links in the latest news section. i guess i'm so close to cnn because i do constantly refresh it. actually i have real problems with msnbc as well because they just put too much damn stuff on their front page. i'm lazy and i don't like scrolling. especially since my mighty mouse has some sort of tick and won't scroll down effectively.

powkang said...

this is how i feel about the google feed reader. why is it so sparse up top?

powkang said...

grrr, not google feed reader, the google start page. there's so much unused space up around the text entry search field and the logo, which i think can be crammed with more gadgets. as it is, slate, wired, achewood, and salon are out of frame.