Thursday, June 14, 2007

the wad has been shot

so a bit about this bloggy thing. first off, i hate the name of it. it was in a fit of rage with blogger that i registered the name because nothing else was available that i liked. the acronym really bothers me and god knows we live in an acronym-obsessed world. well, in corporate america at least.

i'm planning on ditching this blog and moving elsewhere, hopefully to a new blog-friendly format like moveable-type or something like that. blogger is fine for basic blogging but don't plan on having an attractive blog. enough babbling, i'm renaming the site and taking recommendations. if i decide to go really dirty with the name then my friend dan came up with a brilliant name involving rags and periods. it made me laugh but then made me feel not so fresh.

these are some names i've thought of so far. some puns, of course:

+/- design

... (i'm kind of into !!! these days though i am listening to bye bye bye by n*sync while i review this list)


bastardized (can i even access that at work?)


design demerits

em space (duh, my name is an em/m)

ragged right (really like this but hate the 'pubby connotations that may come from it)

refresh (yep, a bit womanly)

unjustified text

word spacing


i still want that damn designified name and site but some bloke in the uk has it.


Oi, Caffay? said...

I love N*SYNC more than you do. Fact.

I'm partial to sdfiuqwoenrakxh. It's got a nice ring to it.

gray said...

how can you like n*sync more than me? i only have two of their videos on my videopod-bye bye bye and it's gonna be me-but you better believe that i would have them all if i could find them. justin or jc?

powkang said...

i sort of like the WAD. even though i never thought about it as being that acronym until you pointed it out. i have no idea what else to call it.

but, by all means, move locations. blogspot blows. pick something where you can embed video and photo in comments. the comments system here can eat my cat's poo.