Friday, May 18, 2007

computer nerd alert

the new dell monitor

from reddit:

At Dell's launch of its "Hybrid Business" strategy today, the company spent a few minutes talking about its history of developing new standards, and forcing them on the industry. One of the standards discussed: Display Port. This new interconnect, according to Dell CTO Kevin Kettler, will redefine what an LCD monitor looks like.

It will support up to 4x the current HDTV resolutions, allow for integrated peripherals around the display, and will let you daisychain multiple monitors, rather than installing them in a star configuration. Everyting, including audio, microphone, panel I/O and more will all go through a single bi-directional cable.

Even better, by eliminating a lot of the electronics used for video conversion, new LCD monitors will be super-thin, and super sleek. The prototype, displayed above, should be available later this year. It's only about a half an inch thick. Display Port also promises to make notebook monitors thinner too, said Kettler.

-Jim Louderback

interesting that sony vaio has a similar model that was publicized in an ad campaign in wallpaper* last month. this model is way shinier, i guess that is the main difference. computer nerd out.


Chris Malven said...

Yeah, the problem here is still that Dell wouldn't know cutting-edge design if it smacked them right in the forehead. Wow, I love how they added a large, uneccessary piece of glass to the front of it. I just know that it will stay perfectly clean and translucent and not get covered with dust and fingerprints and look like crap.

Call me when they have a display that hovers eerily over my desk with no visible enclosure or cables. And I can move it with my mind.

gray said...

i would really be afraid of breaking this thing. i guess they are making a less shiny one for production.

all i really want in life is to rid myself of cords. cords to charge everything, cords for the computer, cords for periphs, cords for my computer speakers, cords, cords, cords. one day they will come to life and just strangle me.

Catherine! said...

I ain't creaming my panties until they include a bunch of seizure-inducing rainbow LEDs. What kind of awesome plexiglass monitor doesn't include LIGHTS?!

Although 4x HDTV porn does sound enticing.

powkang said...

this thing looks like it belongs in the homes of douchebags and whores, along with lower back tattoos and blended drinks. respectable people bevvy neat or rocks, keep their tattoos in subtle locations, and celebrate clean, simple, classy design. when i was looking for a display to hook up to my macbook, i couldn't afford a classy and beautiful cinema display and had to opt for one of the simpler offerings from dell. i kinda want to pry off the dell logo and do something about the awful green light of the power button, but, well, i probably never will. what will i have to complain about then?

i agree about the cords, too. they're taking over my life and are suffocating me. i've zip-tied the usbs/firewires for my scanner, printer, external together so they are at least somewhat wrangled, but now it's just one huge unsightly serpentine structure swimming across my desk which isn't much better. i think one of my biggest proponents to buying rather than renting (aside being able to decorate and restructure as i see fit with no furley to answer to) is to wire the shit out of my home to keep all unnecessary wire yardage out of sight and behind walls, where they belong. in fact, i'm getting ready to move my furniture around today (for the 3rd time since i moved into the commune last september), and i've been putting it off all weekend because i really don't want to deal with hiding all the cords and wires again.

as for porn on hdtv, i say no thanks. the last thing i want to look at is butt zits and pube stubble in high def.