Sunday, June 10, 2007

nasty natti'

city logos are all the rage these days, nasty natti' has gotten in on the trend with a fancy new logo. is it a lollipop? bland candyland game board? uh and is that tagline supposed to make me want to visit your city? sounds a little stalkerish to me. wherever you go there you are.

nyc's new city logo – technically now for the tourism department – was recently designed by wolff-olins. you may know wolff-olins from other famous identity designs such as the london 2012 olympics, the london 2012 olympics, and everyone's favorite, the london 2012 olympics. in all fairness the uk office did the 2012 logo but eh, it's not as much fun to admit that. lv20124lfe.

1 comment:

powkang said...

i think seattle wins for the lamest branding campaign ever. it literally begs the question:

what is metronatural, anyway?

its a shame, really. this will make no one but the douchebag convention want to visit seattle. maybe i'm a little bit biased (ok, a lot bit biased), but seattle's a great place to visit. and when you do go, you're sure to check out pike place market (a tourist activity i highly recommend), where you can go to the very first starbucks (a tourist activity i do not condone), where they still use the original logo, in which the mermaid still has her nipples.